Ted Chandler

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Tim, thank you for all you have done for the working men and women of San Francisco! We all at the AFL-CIO HIT salute you, and in particular your Brother bricklayer Rod Duchemin sends his best wishes! Thank you for all your support.

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I wish Brother Tim the best of luck and much happiness in his retirement. You supported taxicabs with your leadership and actual ridership (using the Flywheel app). I thoroughly enjoyed responding to your trip requests and transporting you safely to your destinations. Have a healthy and fantastic retirement.
Barry Taranto

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Brother, congrats on a well-deserved retirement. If you ever get bored and want to get arrested again, you know where to find me. Thank you for the solidarity and all you’ve done to build power for working people.

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Brother TIm,
Here’s to wishing you a wonderful retirement. Thank you for all you have done to better the lives for working people. I never forget meeting you for the first time in San Francisco for the We ARE ONE rallies in 2011. You were a wonderful host to me and my son Nicholas who was 11 years old in Oakland and San Francisco for worker solidarity and collective action. You are an inspiration and I’m proud to know you.
In warm solidarity,
Stephanie Bloomingdale
Wisconsin AFL-CIO

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Brother Tim –

I still remember the day you got elected to
the Chair of the CDP Labor Caucus. I was
close friends with the incumbent and voted
for him. However, I was even closer to John
Burton and he assured me that your election
to be our Labor Caucus Chair would not be
a disappointment.

Well, as always, John was correct. You have
been an inspiration to not only us in Organized
Labor, but to all working women and men.
Under you Democrats have continued to dominate
in Big Blue. With every single Constitutional seat
in California being held by a Democrat; super
majorities in both State houses; both Senators
being Democrats; and a huge majority of our
Congressional Representatives.

My brother, you have earned your way into my
“California Labor Hall of Fame” along with titans
such as Jack Henning, Steve Stamm, Tom Aja,
Spider Cantley, Rose Roach, Dolores Huerta,
Chuck Mack, Art Pulaski, and you get the picture.

You have made a difference and have helped
the Labor workforce prosper in California. For
this, and more, we thank you Brother.

Fraternally and in Solidarity –

Domenic Torchia, Executive Vice President